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Stock Ford Lightning/Harley F150 PCV setup
This is a true oil separator that never needs replacing, or cleaning. My name is Vince, and I am a ASE certified Master Mechanic. My interest came from having the same problem as everyone else and not being happy with the patch style fixes. Regular oil separators need cleaning and draining. Plus everyone always asks "Why do you have that oil bottle on your truck, and why does your truck use oil?" (not totally understanding what's going on). Other kits block off the Supercharger suction port. This allows oil/oil vapors to be pulled into the lower intake, (only it's below the intercooler where you can't see it) or can possibly allow boost pressure to enter the crankcase. Under boost when blow by is at its greatest these vapors can only escape by the driver's side valve cover. Oil/Oil vapors reduce the octane rating of your fuel. Mine does not need cleaning or draining, EVER. It's totally MAINTENANCE FREE. Most will never even know it's there.
Remove PCV tubing
Using the supercharger to "pull" a crankcase evacuation, "especially under boost", allows for better piston ring seal. My kit removes 99.9% of oil from the incoming air being pulled in from the PCV line. Better yet, it drains the oil back into the crankcase. There is also "never" a chance of boost pressure entering the crankcase, nor is there boost loss/bypass. Feel free to ask specific questions. The kits have been sold on the grass roots level. People have been so impressed with them I have been urged to take this venture to a higher level. The kits sells for $200 shipped to your door.

To begin the install, simply remove the stock PCV tubing and PCV valve itself to reuse.

Vacuum cap Installation, and cleaning of the lower hose
NOTE: If you have not cleaned your intercooler now is a good time to drain the oil from this line! How you ask? Simple, Just wrap a shop towel around the open end of the lower hose before installing the cap. Start the engine, and immediately stomp it to create a little boost and shut the engine down. The small puddle of oil in the lower will immediately be pushed out. MAKE SURE TO USE a shop towel, Oil will go everywhere if not. Install the 3/8 vacuum cap onto the rear hose that goes to the lower intake manifold. This will stop a small amount of boost loss(bypass) as well.
Install sleeve and reuse your stock PCV valve


Filter Location


Install the new oil cap and place the filter on top of it. Connect the PCV valve and tighten with provided hose clamp.

Its that easy!
Install the upper plenum hose with the supplied clamps. Save your old parts. The complete install should not take any longer than 5 minutes. Please visit the Lightning owners club as well as the National Harley truck owners club for more information. L&S is a proud supporting vendor of these informative forums.

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